We are people with different passions, views and experiences, who share one goal - to spread the idea of ​​equality. We care about a world that is safe for everyone, regardless of gender, age, origin, sexual orientation, religion or health. We believe that in the 21st century, no one should be the victim of any form of discrimination. We have been fighting prejudices since 2018, mainly in Zielona Góra.

In addition to organizing events, we operate locally, spread awareness and knowledge about LGBT + people, sexuality (unfortunately still shrouded in taboo), mental health, we create graphics, we strive for equal rights for disadvantaged groups, we cooperate with extraordinary people - artists, craftsmen, activists and politicians.

We are not stopping! Our Institute is a non-governmental organization. It is led by its president, Kacper Kubiak - from December 2020. (formerly Mateusz Krobski). From 2021, the functions on the Institute's management board are performed by: Marta Jankowska and Jolanta Mierkiewicz. We also have a medical program council chaired by Bartłomiej Patka. Our group of about 50 people welcomes everyone! All forms of support for the activities of the Equality Institute are invaluable.
If, like us, you want to create a safe space and fight for a better tomorrow, you have an interesting idea - please contact us.


Since then, you could meet us at, among others two Equality Marches in Zielona Góra under the patronage of the marshal and the city president, happenings on the occasion of the Day Against Homophobia, protests "I am a human, not an ideology!", Women's Strike and many other equality events. We also accompanied the organization of such events as One Billion Rising, Black Lives Matter protest, or the first cross-border Equality March organized on the Słubice-Frankfurt (Oder) border We showed up with our tent at the Woodstock festival in 2019. We have original, rainbow merch, which is very popular at every event ???? Thanks to our efforts, Zielona Góra became a pioneering city by adopting a declaration against hatred and discrimination against LGBT +, which other communes in the Lubuskie voivodship are slowly adopting. Despite the fact that the times since the beginning of the pandemic in Poland are not the most favorable to field activities, we are developing dynamically like a rainbow in a cloudy sky. .


If you want to support our activity, you can do so via https://patronite.pl/instytutrownosci It is also possible to make direct payments to our bank account. 94 1600 1462 1822 0911 1000 0001 with the title of transfer: "Transfer for statutory purposes".

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